Robin Hoefer

Jason was the most active and engaged of the 6 brokers with whom we attempted to work over the past 5 months. He listened to our requirements and pursued leads aggressively. He was the best listener of all these brokers. He was very honest in his presentation of properties and did not hesitate to point out areas needing work. When we questioned the advertised canal depth near the first house that he located for us, he arranged for a colleague to go out in a boat and check the depth of the canal with a depth sounder, finding it too shallow for our needs. (We had actually made an accepted bid on the house, and his research on the canal depth resulted in the loss of that sale for him.) He went out of his way to take photographs (135) of the property that we eventually bought. We have already recommended him to other prospective buyers. We have been very pleased and fortunate to work with him, and we highly recommend him.