Michael and Judy Jane Sapusek

We recently closed on the sale of our home in Stuart with Ellen Kennedy as our agent. When we had decided to put our house up for sale approximately a year ago, I called Water Pointe as we were familiar with your company when we were looking at waterfront property 13 years ago. Ellen is the agent I spoke with and she got with us that week to look at our home and do some ”comps” to give us an idea what the value of our home would be. We felt like she really did her homework and her best to come up with a number and was tactful not to burst our bubble. She was very positive and was willing to give it a try, even though she may have thought the listing price was too high for the present market. She put together a beautiful brochure to showcase our home and then got to work. Ellen was very good about keeping us informed after showings and very honest with what people were saying and thinking about our home, which helped us through the process. She seemed to be very good with other realtors and had a good honest repertoire with them as well, which was important for us to know exactly what was going on. We normally would not have gone with such a complicated offer and so many parties involved, but our confidence in Ellen helped make that period of time easier. Since Ellen was confident that the deal was solid, we relied on her judgment, which paid off.