Open Houses that work: 4 red flags to look for when buying

As more and more buyers spend time online searching for open houses, we bring forward some of the red flags one might look at while considering purchasing a new house. Open houses are a resource wherein one might sell a property, and folks desiring to purchase a new house can find the very house that theyweresearchingfor. With most of the buyers keen on observing the brand on the kitchen and bathroom brands, there is a lot more to look at these days when it comes to buying a house. With overly impressive brands and furniture that any seller would normally portray whilst selling the house, you shouldn’t be taken in by such things alone. There is a lot more to look at while making such an important decision that might affect almost half of the rest of your life.

There are a few important red flags to consider to figure out if you should move forward with the investment or never look back at this particular property:

       1. Issues with foundation

As the foundation forms the basic structure of any house, it should be the first red flag that you should keep your eye on. As it is quite obvious that bigger gaps call for bigger problems, do not ignore the signs of even the slightest hairline cracks. Take care to notice any cracks near and above the windows and also notice whether the floors are even or not. This can be easily determined by rolling an object such as a marble on the floor. A strong foundation is also important to protect you and your family from the snow during winters. The hairline cracks may make way for melted snow if ignored.

       2. Issues with maintenance

Some of the house owners may have neglected their basic daily routine maintenance such as unchanged light bulbs, or worn out paint and faucets. Keep an eye out for things such as this. These are some of the signs that indicate the owner’s reckless ignorance towards maintaining the house that might create issues in the future if you plan on buying.

       3. Issues with water

Watch out for any odor coming from the house as this might be an indication of leaky water due to a pipeline bursting, or any other internal damage in the pipelines. Make sure that you check the pipelines in the bathroom and in the laundry room for any damages or rust. Also, be careful to notice if the house is flood prone, so that you do not have to face any unavoidable circumstances down the road in extreme weather conditions.

       4. Issues with ventilation

The house must be well ventilated to protect you from the sun, rain, and snow. To see the signs of moisture, look out for peeled off paint near the windows. Also be sure to look for signs of condensation, for moisture leads to humidity which in turn leads to poor living conditions inside the house.

These are some of the basic red flags that you should look for when buying a house and deciding if a particular house is the one for you or not. What appears to look perfect on the outside may not be perfect within.