Thinking about using your school district to help sell or buy your next home South Florida?

Thinking about using your school district to help sell or buy your next home South Florida?

In an article written by Audrey Brashich on®, Brashich tries to help prospective homeowners decipher moving to a “good school” district.  This information is also very insightful to help prospective sellers consider making good use of school district data to help sell his or her home.

The article begins, “This you already know: Parents want to send their kids to good schools.  So that’s why they flock to neighborhoods—sometimes paying hundreds of thousands more to live there—that purport to have them.  But what doesgood schoolreally mean?  Is it really all about the test scores?”

Brashich continues, “Increasingly, educational experts say: not really.  These days, many of them hail the importance of other, less tangible goals such as fostering social and emotional intelligence.  Others tout the importance of executive function skills: the ability to plan, focus, remember instructions, and multitask.  In the Finnish school system, purportedly the best in the world, academics are delayed, homework and testing are minimized, and free play time is valued.”

Brashich continues and offers some tips, “So how can you really figure out what that is?  As with all things parenting, you have to decide for yourself what’s best for your family. 

Here are some tips on how to figure that out.

  • Determine what kind of learner your kid is
  • Find out if the school has the basics
  • Look beyond academic development
  • Seek creative learning opportunities
  • Consider lower-ranked or up-and-coming schools
  • Research (free) alternatives to public schools
  • Check out the ‘vibe’—it really means something
  • Ask yourself what ‘good’ means to you.”

Brashich concludes,” If traditional academics and high test scores really are the most important things, you’re lucky: Those are the easiest things to find.

Today, finding a good school means you grown-ups have to do serious homework, figuring out the best fit for your family and zeroing in on schools that are equipping students with the skills and experiences that will lead to a broader definition of success.

Anything else no longer makes the grade.”

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Article by: Jeannie M. Ferrara