Trees That Could Spell Disaster in South Florida!

Trees That Could Spell Disaster in South Florida!

According to a recent article published on® by Lisa Kaplan Gordon, “Trees are a prized addition to any property, providing shade, beauty, fruit or nuts to nosh on, a spot under which to ponder humans’ place in the universe or perhaps whether to switch from Netflix® to Hulu®—and the list goes on. But be warned: Not all trees are good trees.  Nature has also spawned some literal bad seeds that drop grass-killing nuts, grow roots that bust water pipes, or even smell like human waste.  Have we gotten your attention yet?”

Gordon’s article mentions several species that may not be in your yard, but we did find a site hosted by the University of Florida’s IFAS Extension that lists several invasive species specific to our region.

Invasive Exotic Plants

What is an Invasive Exotic Plant?

An invasive-exotic plant species is an introduced species that has been shown to displace the native vegetation by out-competing native species.  Without the limiting factors that normally keep invasive plants under control in their native homes (e.g., diseases and insects), they overwhelm and displace existing native vegetation to form dense, single-species stands that dominate and alter the original natural community.

For a complete list of invasive exotic plant species that can be found in the Southeast, visit the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council.  For a list of the invasive status of non-native plants in Florida, go to the IFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants (see Conclusions) and the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (see Plant Lists).

Prevent the Spread of Invasives

By choosing to plant a garden with native plants, you will prevent the spread of invasive plants from your yard to other natural areas.  At the same time, you conserve water, energy, time, and money, as well as reduce or eliminate the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides.  There are a wide variety of native plants and landscaping designs to choose from in creating the yard that is the most pleasing to you.

Invasive Species to Avoid or Eliminate

They recommend, “If you spot these plants, contact a local conservation manager.”

All sound advice for those considering making changes to their landscaping to create more curb appeal.  Thinking about capitalizing on this news?  Contact our office today South Florida!

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Article by: Jeannie M. Ferrara

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