Pros and Cons of Waterfront Property

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Pros and Cons of Waterfront Property


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Pros and Cons of Waterfront Property

Not too many homebuyers would pass up the opportunity to buy a home with miles of serene oceanfront views. But is it really for you? Maybe the idea sounds relaxing but are you confident that you know all the responsibilities of waterfront property? Are you ready to sell your home and move into an area on the water? Whether lake or beach front, before you dive in, you will want to check out these pros and cons of owning a waterfront property.

Let’s take a look at the types of waterfront property that are typically of interest to the home buyer:

  1. Communities on the lake
  2. Estate beach homes
  3. Small cabins on a pond
  4. Mansions resting on large rivers

All waterfront homes offer a way to unwind and feel relaxed, especially if your lifestyle is hectic. Living by the water is a luxury in itself and can also be quite the expense to keep up with.

Waterfront Pros

Let’s start with the benefits of living on the water. Ocean or lakeside, most individuals enjoy the idea of living somewhere they can escape to for a few quiet moments of the day. Whether they’re getting a tan or reading a favorite book, this type of living (to them) is thought to be a better fit than living in a downtown area.  Aside from the round-the-clock sensational views and fresh air, waterfront homes tend to encourage a healthful lifestyle through means of walking on the beach and swimming. Did you know that the air quality by water is said to be cleaner and purer? There is very little that tops good, clean air when it comes to living a healthier life. Another benefit of waterfront living is always the view from your rooms. You can almost set the scene in your bedroom, kitchen or living space to a backdrop of the scenic waterfront. Nature itself allows your creativity to go beyond what you could do in just any home. Bathrooms are probably favored among homeowners because of the accessories that encourage a spa-like setting. Waterfront communities or homes usually cater to pedestrians and families, especially pet owners. They will have walking paths and parks or recreational trails to take advantage of, which ultimately encourages a healthier lifestyle. And should you want to sell your waterfront home in the future, over time the real estate of your property should appreciate to a greater value than what you bought it for.

Waterfront Cons

Waterfront living isn’t for everyone, as you know. If your only reason for nesting by the ocean is for the serene views, you may want to reevaluate your reasons for owning a waterfront property. For example, the cost of oceanfront living can rise due to the maintenance responsibilities and upkeep. When you talk to your agent, ask them to compare the cost of waterfront living to other living communities. Another challenge that gets overlooked is the fact that with water comes the pesky mosquito issue. They swarm where it is wet and warm and there isn’t anything you can do about this when you live by the water, especially in peaks of summer. If you live by the ocean, you will become quite knowledgeable about the rising sea levels. This can only really pose a threat if the rising shore line dampens the infrastructure of the home.

Regardless what property you choose, invest in a realty group that wants to help you achieve your highest goal when it comes to property ownership. WaterPointe Realty will take you through an in-depth look of each property that is available and up to your ultimate standards.

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