We recently closed on the sale of our home in Stuart with Ellen Kennedy as our agent.

When we had decided to put our house up for sale approximately a year ago, I called Water Pointe as we were familiar with your company when we were looking at waterfront property 13 years ago. Ellen is the agent I spoke with and she got with us that week to look at our home and do some ”comps” to give us an idea what the value of our home would be. We felt like she really did her homework and her best to come up with a number and was tactful not to burst our bubble. She was very positive and was willing to give it a try, even though she may have thought the listing price was too high for the present market.

She put together a beautiful brochure to showcase our home and then got to work. Ellen was very good about keeping us informed after showings and very honest with what people were saying and thinking about our home, which helped us through the process. She seemed to be very good with other realtors and had a good honest repertoire with them as well, which was important for us to know exactly what was going on.

We normally would not have gone with such a complicated offer and so many parties involved, but our confidence in Ellen helped make that period of time easier. Since Ellen was confident that the deal was solid, we relied on her judgment, which paid off.

Throughout the year we were able to get to know Ellen on a personal level as well, knowing that she had our best interest in mind. I haven’t always had that confidence in past business relationships with real estate firms. Your company should be proud of how she represents your firm. She was always very professional and warm at the same time.

We truly feel that we have a “friend” in Ellen as we have walked through life together this past year. Even when it got “quiet” several times Ellen would text us to see how things were going and what the next plan would be to seek out new buyers. As life goes there were good times and bad times…we grieved with Ellen in the loss of her mom this year and she rejoiced with us in the birth of a grandson. It has been a year of some life changing decisions for us; the sale of our office building, downsizing our home and moving my mother to the area. We wouldn’t have wanted to go through all these changes without a realtor that cared and understood what we were going through. We found all those qualities in Ellen.

Michael and Judy Jane Sapusek

I am writing to express my gratitude to Ellen Kennedy for her time and diligence in selling my Hobe Sound home. Her professionalism, I am convinced, is what got the deal done. In a time where selling a home on the water in my price range was precarious she managed to find the perfect buyer.

My home was very dear to me and selling was quite emotional having raised my girls there. I was so happy Ellen found a buyer who would appreciate what they were getting, and fit in, not only with the home, but the entire gated community that we loved so much.

I can’t thank Ellen enough for making the selling and closing process seem so uneventful. Her consideration of my time was greatly appreciated. During the arduous closing process her “take charge” approach helped in intervening with the sometimes ridiculous requests of the banks and title companies.

In closing, I just want to say I would recommend Ellen to anyone, and feel confident they will be as happy and satisfied with her services as I was.
Jill Brinkman
Jill Brinkman

I wanted to thank you again for all your efforts made towards finding our new Florida home. We are totally happy with the home and can not believe the efforts and time you spent to help us find the right place. Do you realize that you worked with us over a year? I can not believe anyone else would have done all you did to find us the perfect home. Not only that, but you really proved to be a valuable aid after the sale by doing all the research on the property and administrating the corrections that were required for financing and closing, plus saving us a lot of potential expense on following through on the corrections needed from the inspection report.
I have never worked with a realtor that compares with you and I would be happy to talk with any of your prospective clients and let them know they have the best realtor possible!
Thank you!!!
Johnny CrainJohnny Crain

My experience with Gretchen Reich as my realtor has been an excellent experience. She has been diligent in researching all homes available in the areas my husband and I were interested. She gave us the correct advice as to which properties were the best for resale and investment purposes. She was detail oriented and handled all transactions in a professional manner from preparing the contract, presenting it, and closing the deal. We were particularly pleased with the attention to detail with all inspections needed. We will definitely refer Gretchen to anyone we know that needs a realtor and are confident they will be in good hands and very satisfied with the job she performs for them. Nicki and Steve

We were highly satisfied with our Water Pointe agent, Ellen Kennedy. At one point during our listing we also had the unique opportunity to work with other agents in the office, including Alexandra Owen and Deb Duvall. Each was extremely professional, encouraging and reliable. If you’re looking for an agent on the Treasure Coast, you cannot go wrong with the Water Pointe Realty Group.

JR & Brianne Crooks

It was a blessing to have found Ellen. After trying to sell our house by-owner, she made our decision to list with Water Pointe a very easy one. She’s a consummate professional. She tells it like it is, and she gets the job done. At the same time she’s extremely considerate, approachable and reliable. Needless to say, we weren’t surprised to learn she has an excellent reputation at her office and throughout the industry. We highly recommend her.

JR & Brianne Crooks

Jason was the most active and engaged of the 6 brokers with whom we attempted to work over the past 5 months. He listened to our requirements and pursued leads aggressively. He was the best listener of all these brokers. He was very honest in his presentation of properties and did not hesitate to point out areas needing work. When we questioned the advertised canal depth near the first house that he located for us, he arranged for a colleague to go out in a boat and check the depth of the canal with a depth sounder, finding it too shallow for our needs. (We had actually made an accepted bid on the house, and his research on the canal depth resulted in the loss of that sale for him.)

He went out of his way to take photographs (135) of the property that we eventually bought. We have already recommended him to other prospective buyers. We have been very pleased and fortunate to work with him, and we highly recommend him.


Thanks so much for all the work and comfort you have done for me. You are a Star, and to add to that thank you for the lovely Waterford Crystal! Please keep in touch.

Robin Hoefer

Thank You Alexandra Owen!!

Moving can be a very difficult task. Trying to find the right neighborhood, location, distance from work, amenities, fair price, hidden costs, and so much time spent in looking at properties, evaluating costs, considering resale value in the event of moving again are just a few of the challenges facing us in trying to make the right decision about our choice.

Alexandra Owen, a wonderful realtor recommended to us by a property management company in Stuart, was truly amazing. She began the process with taking inventory of our moving needs, desires, what we liked to do, work, distance, convenient access to what we liked to do, and the wisdom of renting versus buying, etc. She was expertly knowledgeable of the area, the pros and cons of properties in light of our desires, patient, easily accessible, and communicated with us in a timely manner. She worked tirelessly to find the right fit, the right place for us that met our needs. Not once showing signs of discouragement or impatience with the process.

We are deeply indebted to her for her professionalism and persistent pursuit of excellence in the performance of her labors on our behalf. She has a friendly smile, a warm and caring personality, a great sense of humor, but a confident attitude that a successful and happy outcome will be achieved. We give her our highest recommendation as an excellent realtor and person. We are very grateful we were blessed to come in contact with her.

Happy clients of Alexandra Owen
February 10, 2014Norm and Joan Woodlief

Thank you Cindy Capwell for going above and beyond as our Realtor.  You are exceptional and we will be referring you to our family and friends.