Funny home buyer request we just had to share, South Florida!

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Funny home buyer request we just had to share, South Florida!



Funny buyer request we just had to share, South Florida!

In the first of our “February Funnies” posts for 2016, we just had to share this recent article posted by a staff reporter on Realty Today®.

According to the article,” TV show star real estate agents Josh Flagg and Mark D. Friedman recall the craziest demands of buyers and what they did just to a close the deal. Client demands range from a dog and a $24 million residential property to an $18 million home with a blow-up photograph.”

The article continues, “According to The Wall Street Journal, Flagg and Freidman are executive estates directors of Rodeo Realty, Beverly Hills and they also make regular appearances on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.” Josh Flagg shares his strange story about a recent deal he was trying to close in Holmy Hills where he represented both sides.

According to him, he went to look at a house with a buyer couple and their 7-year-old son when a golden retriever comes out in the lawn. The couple made an offer very close to the full asking price of $24 million. However, there was an additional item he did not expect the buyers would ask for. It says that the sale is contingent on the inclusion of the dog. He called them and he said, “You’ve got to be kidding” but they insisted. Flagg explained the deal to the owner who asked how much was the offer. When he told him it is $24 million for the house plus the dog, he answers back by telling Flagg he needs to speak to his wife. Eventually, both parties agreed and the deal was closed.”

The article also mentioned, “In a report by Builder Online, Katy McLauglin, a reporter, highlighted two particular unusual demands that was granted and helped agents in closing deals with clients.”

McLauglin’s article closes with, “McLaughlin spotlights two particularly oddball transactions that serve to illustrate one theme: people who buy homes feel entitled. How the seller responds–whether in acquiescing or not–is what winds up mattering most.

How far are you willing to go to get the close?”

Read more in the Wall Street Journal®.

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Article by: Jeannie M. Ferrara

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